Ladakh University Syllabus 2024

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Ladakh University Bachelor Of Education Syllabus 2024, Ladakh University Master of Education Syllabus 2024, University Of Ladakh Syllabus 2024, Ladakh University Syllabus 2024

Ladakh University Syllabus 2024

The syllabus of Ladakh University 2024 has been released, how to see the syllabus of Ladakh University and what is the syllabus of Ladakh University, we will give you all the information related to the syllabus in detail through this website.

University Of Ladakh Syllabus 2024

If are you looking for Ladakh University Syllabus then you are at the right place, we will give you the complete information about the University Syllabus and will provide the subject-wise syllabus of all subjects including the Bachelor of Education and Master of Education syllabus. will provide on the basis.

Ladakh University Bachelor Of Education Syllabus 2024

SmemesterSr. No.Course CodeSubject Of CourseCourse Credit
Sem-11BED-C-101Philosophical Bases of Education4
Sem-12BED-C-102Growth and Development of the Learner4
Sem-16Int-IPre- Internship2
Sem-21BED-C-201Sociological Bases of Education4
Sem-22BED-C-202Understanding the Learner4
Sem-23BED-C-203Assessment for Learning4
Sem-24P-01-ENGPedagogy of English4
Sem-25P-01-URDPedagogy of Urdu4
Sem-26P-01-HINPedagogy of Hindi4
Sem-27P-02-LSCPedagogy of Life Science4
Sem-28P-02-MATPedagogy of Mathematics4
Sem-29P-02-PSCPedagogy of Physical Science4
Sem-210P-02-SSTPedagogy of Social Studies4
Sem-211P-02-COMPedagogy of Commerce4
Sem-31BED-C-301Knowledge, Curriculum and Understanding Disciplines4
Sem-32BED-C-302School Management4
Sem-33BED-C-303School Internship /Microteaching4
Sem-34Int-ITeaching Practice Pedagogy I6
Sem-35Int-IITeaching Practice Pedagogy II6
Sem-41BED-C-401Gender School and Society4
Sem-42BED-C-402Guidance and Counselling4
Sem-43BED-C-403Inclusive Education4
Sem-44BED-C-404Environmental Education4
Sem-45BED-C-405(E1)Distance Education and Life Long Learning4
Sem-46BED-C-405(E2)Health and Physical Education4
Sem-47BED-C-405(E3)Human Rights and Peace Education4
Sem-48BED-C-405(E4)Life Skills Education4
Sem-49BED-C-405(E5)E-Education Resource Development4
Sem-410BED-C-405(E6)Population Education4
Sem-411BED-C-405(E7)School Library and Information Services4
Sem-412BED-C-405(E8)Reading and Refection on text4
Sem-413BED-C-405(E9)Understanding the self4
Sem-414BED-C-405(E10)Value Education4
Sem-415CB-01Field Trip/Cultural Festival/ /Community Based Activities4

Ladakh University Master of Education Syllabus 2024

SemesterSr NoCourse creditCourseCoursecredit
Sem-11PG-ED-C-101Philosophical Foundations of Education4
Sem-12PG-ED-C-102Educational Psychology-I4
Sem-13PG-ED-C-103Educational Research and Statistics-I4
Sem-14PG-ED-E-101Guidance and Counseling-I2
Sem-15PG-ED-E-102Special Education-I4
Sem-16PG-ED-MD-101Environmental Education2
Sem-17PG-EDU/RES-01Mini Project/ Survey/ Case Study/ Field Visits2
Sem-21PG-ED-C-201Sociological Foundations of Education4
Sem-22PG-ED-C-202Educational Psychology-II4
Sem-23PG-ED-C-203Educational Research and Statistics-II4
Sem-24PG-ED-E-201Guidance and Counseling-II2
Sem-25PG-ED-E-202Special Education-II4
Sem-26PG-ED-MD-201Value Education2
Sem-27PG-ED-RES-201Mini Project/ Survey/ Case Study/ Field Visits2
Sem-31PG-ED-C-301Educational Measurement and Evaluation-I4
Sem-32PG-ED-C-302History and Contemporary issues of Indian Education4
Sem-33PG-ED-C-303Curriculum Development-14
Sem-34PG-ED-E-301Life Long education4
Sem-35PG-ED-E-302Adult Education4
Sem-36PG-ED-MD-301Science, Technology and Society2
Sem-37PG-ED-MD-302Population Education2
Sem-38PG-ED-DR-301Dissertation (Synopsis/ Data Collection / Pre-submission Presentation)2
Sem-41PG-ED-C-401Educational Measurement and Evaluation-II4
Sem-42PG-ED-C-402Curriculum Development-II4
Sem-43PG-ED-C-403Educational Technology4
Sem-44PG-ED-DR-401Dissertation (Final Submission and Viva-Voce)8

University Of Ladakh Syllabus Pdf 2024

For more detailed information about Ladakh University Syllabus, please visit the official website, there you will be provided a detailed subject-wise syllabus, the Link to download the syllabus is given below.

How to Download Ladakh University Syllabus

To download the syllabus of Ladakh University, you can download it through the official website, in the official website, you can download the syllabus by clicking on the exam pattern button and selecting the program given on the basis of the subject.

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