Message from cv 2023

Prof. S.K. Mehta (F.R.S.C.)
University of Ladakh


​The University of Ladakh (UOL) was established in 2019, as an initiative to promote quality higher education and to be the Premier University of the country, particularly in the UT of Ladakh. The UOL is the only Trans-Himalayan institute of higher learning and research and, therefore an institute of higher Learning of its own kind. 
I envision University of Ladakh, as an epitome of trust and confidence at international level. My aim is to create University of Ladakh as the most vibrant pool of knowledge housing state-of-art facilities to achieve excellence in all the fields. I believe that University should be a place offering an opportunity to invent and reinvent the thoughtful minds and help disseminate the wisdom, ancient and modern among generations of students and teachers for the betterment of the human existence- both local and global. I also aim to empower the backward social clusters of its hinterland through teaching- learning process beyond classroom.
Education is the bedrock of University of Ladakh, yet the very nature of our undergraduate and post graduate education will come under increased scrutiny and will be improved to bring in better placements. Education system must be improved, that serves our students well in their immediate studies but also equips them for further study or as highly sought-after graduates. Courses addressing the learning needs of postgraduates and research scholars should be developed. We should be prepared to innovate and adapt. Recruitment and competition are global. The provision of infrastructure, financial support through globally competitive scholarships and ensuring the very best academic supervision to attract global students is the key. Efforts will be made to provide the right environment and structure for students and ensure the highest quality supervision, completion rates and generic training. Research excellence is the defining feature of any institutional landscape. It is integral to fulfilling the University’s mission and thus plays a major part in establishing our international reputation. The international reputation in turn attracts outstanding academics and postgraduate students to this centre of global research excellence.
Having a top administrative position of a premier university carries with it the responsibility as well as opportunity. I will try to attract staff from around the world and will be able to engage faculty in exciting collaborative projects alongside the best international researchers. The challenge is to lead the University in a competitive environment, to develop an infrastructure commensurate with an internationally leading University. I endeavor to foster and sustain close academic alliances between institutions of higher education and research, to facilitate innovation and knowledge creation and for achieving excellence in all academic spheres.
Thank you and wish you all the best of everything.